lydia & Andrea, Scandinavian fiddle duo

lydia & Andrea

Active performance and teaching schedule with my duo partner Andrea Larson. Traditional Scandinavian music on fiddle, 5-string fiddle, nyckelharpa, and voice.



Intensive workshops for Scandi-interested dance musicians.
(with Andrea Larson)

Montague Scandia

Montague Scandia

Local dance and dance teaching events in Montague MA and Arlington MA.
(with Andrea Larson)

Northlands, Bruce Sagan & lydia ievins


CD project with Bruce Sagan featuring our original tunes in traditional Scandinavian styles.

Band of Friends CD

Band of Friends

Tunes for "Calculated Figures," English Country Dances choreographed by Gary Roodman, who is well known as one of our greatest modern choreographers in the genre.


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January 2018locationwith
Sun, 2018-01-07
Mostly Waltz
Concord MA
Kate Barnes
Mon, 2018-01-15
Amherst Area English Country Dancers
Amherst MA
Joanna Morse, Pat MacPherson
Sun, 2018-01-21
Dance Around Monadnock ECD series
Keene NH
Kate Barnes
February 2018locationwith
Sat, 2018-02-03
slängpolska workshop + dance
Greenfield MA
Andrea Larson
2018-02-16 thru 2018-02-18 Scandi sessions, The Flurry Festival
Saratoga Springs NY
Andrea Larson
2018-02-26 thru 2018-03-04 (recording in Finland, duo project with Juha Kujanpää)
March 2018locationwith
Sun, 2018-03-18
Dance Around Monadnock ECD series
Walpole NH
Kate Barnes
Sun, 2018-03-25
Sundays in Amherst ECD series
Amherst MA
Kate Barnes
April 2018locationwith
Wed, 2018-04-11
CDS Boston Centre
Arlington MA
(members of the Bare Necessities)
Thu, 2018-04-12
NEC Contemporary Improv Dept
Boston MA
Andrea Larson
2018-04-13 thru 2018-04-15 Träd: Intensive weekend workshop for musicians
Montague MA
Andrea Larson
May 2018locationwith
June 2018locationwith
2018-06-09 thru 2018-06-16 Scandia Camp Mendocino
Mendocino CA
Peter Michaelsen, Loretta Kelley, and other fine folk
December 2018locationwith
TBD Nordic Winter Celebration,
The Christmas Revels
Cambridge MA
Andrea Larson, Loretta Kelley, Corey DiMario, and other fine folk

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