lydia's gig calendar


lydia's gig calendar: dance music for Scandinavian and English Country Dancing. Come hear me play!


Koivu — CD

Very excited about this new duo project with Helsinki-based pianist and composer Juha Kujanpää.

lydia & Andrea, Scandinavian fiddle duo

lydia & Andrea

Active performance and teaching schedule with my duo partner Andrea Larson.



Intensive workshops for Scandi-interested dance musicians.
(with Andrea Larson)


Travel adventures

Intermittent blog about my musical travels in Sweden, Finland, and beyond.

Yoohoo from Tobo

Yoohoo from Tobo!

Blog documenting my musical adventures in Sweden 2012–2013.

Northlands, Bruce Sagan & lydia ievins


CD project with Bruce Sagan featuring our original tunes in traditional Scandinavian styles.

Band of Friends CD

Band of Friends

Tunes for "Calculated Figures," English Country Dances choreographed by Gary Roodman, one of our greatest modern choreographers in the genre.