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lydia ievins
Montague MA, USA

Juha Kujanpää
Helsinki, Finland

Koivu — lydia & Juha — CD

Exciting new release by a serendipitous US-Finnish duo

Drawn together by a shared love of Swedish folk fiddling and its rich harmonies, Juha and lydia offer joyful interpretations of traditional and modern tunes, along with their own trad-influenced compositions. Polskas, waltzes, schottises, marches!

lydia ievins (nyckelharpa, 5-string fiddle)
Juha Kujanpää (piano, harmonium)

lydia and Juha play nyckelharpa and harmonium during recording in Finland Juha and lydia play piano and fiddle at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki
  1. Aurora's / Hägg bland björkar (nyckelharpa, piano)
  2. play sample Polska efter Schedin (nyckelharpa, piano)
  3. Svar idag (fiddle, piano)
  4. play sample Kotimatka / Koivut (nyckelharpa, piano)
  5. I denna ljuva (fiddle, piano)
  6. Knuss-Olles (fiddle, piano)
  7. Högtidsmarsch (fiddle, harmonium)
  8. play sample På stormyren (nyckelharpa, piano)
  9. Great Falls (nyckelharpa, piano)
  10. Låt till far (nyckelharpa, harmonium)
  11. play sample Belle of Greensboro / Till havs (fiddle, piano)
  12. Ashokan triolpolska (fiddle, piano)
  13. Sälskär (fiddle, piano)
  14. play sample Yxi kaunis papillinen polska (nyckelharpa, piano)

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